Seamless server-side tracking for limitless possibilities

Avoid ad blockers, boost conversions,
Faster website, more data

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* Valid until the end of june 2024

Nervous about 3rd party cookies getting blocked?

Our server-side expertise paired with GTM ensures continuous insights, cookie-free worries

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Tagual helps you:

Boost conversions

Facebook and Google operate on sophisticated algorithms. Supplying them with more marketing data opens up new possibilities for achieving better results.

Faster website

Slimming down tags on your site means lighter code for faster loading. This brings perks like higher conversions, more page views, and better search engine rankings.

Data Control

By channeling information through a server-side Google Tag Manager container, privacy concerns related to unnecessary data leaks, such as personally identifiable information(PII), are effectively addressed.

Avoid ad blockers

Server-side tagging creates a secret tunnel for your data, cleverly outsmarting intrusive ad blockers.

Extend the cookie expiration

Apple's Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) limits cookie expiration to 7 days in Safari. Storing cookies server-side bypasses this, allowing configurable expiration dates like two years.

Enhance the Privacy Compliance

As a European-based company (with European-based servers) we inherently uphold GDPR and sharing rules, ensuring an added layer of client privacy by default.

How does Tagual precisely operate?

Tagual operating step

GTM code is loaded from a subdomain of your website.

In the initial step, you will create a subdomain with the format Then, you will create a new container in GTM, selecting the server-side option. After Tagual validates the subdomain, you can launch the server tracking with the container data created in GTM. Although it may initially seem a bit complicated, we'll guide you step-by-step through the tutorials so that you go through all the steps quickly and efficiently.
Tagual operating step

All tracking data is sent back only to your subdomain.

In the "old" GTM container (the one you used until now on the site), a tag is configured to send the data back to your subdomain, instead of sending it to Google, FB, Tiktok, or other marketing platforms.
Tagual operating step

From your subdomain, the data is sent further to Google, Facebook, Tiktok, etc.

In the new GTM container (server-side), all tags can be configured from now on. You and your marketing agency have complete control over them. All tracking codes (FB, Google, Tiktok, etc) are added one by one, and then Tagual becomes an "intermediary" the browser and marketing platforms, sending the data to them.